Friday, April 28, 2006

Inaugural Irish Student Poker Masters in the Merrion

It started at 4pm and I woke up at 3.30 dying of a hangover from the UCD ball. I grabbed a quick breakfast and got a taxi into the merrion. It started just as I got there so no waiting around. I had next to no reads on any of the players during this tournement due to my state, I could figure out there general style but that was about it.

First hand I get involved is during the first level 25/25 when I pick up AA on the BB with maybe 3/4 limpers. I raise to 6xBB with 5kish behind everyone. I get one caller UTG+1, flop comes QJ8 rainbow. I bet out 300 hoping to just take this here really, he could anything between AA-77 AKs-JTo I guess. He calls. Turn is a 2c putting two clubs on the board. I check, I dont want to get involved in a big pot oop early on and I could be beat already. He checks behind, why didnt i bet!? Easy to say that in hindsight. River is T(no club), I figure I may be still ahead and should check because of the amount of hands that beat me but I bet 400, I could get called by AQ. He shows Q9d for a straight. A bit loose for my standards, I think even if I did bet the pot on the turn he was still going to call. Down to about 4k now.

The table is playing fairly tight and only a few players seem decent. The hangover really wasn't helping now, I would have loved to start playing aggresive now but can barely remember what happend 3 hands ago let alone how the seat 7 plays drawing hands. So I stick my default conservative style and hopefully my opponents make all the mistakes.

I'm down to about 3.5k after various limps for the rest of level 1 and 2.

Heres a hand I thought I played poorly. I limp with 44 in the CO and the button raises to 3xBB and I call (with possibly more callers, cant remember). Either way I hit on a 346 board. I'm convinced I cant play sets. Its checked to the pf raiser (I checked it). Perhaps I should have bet out, considering I know nothing about the player. He bets close to the pot and its folded to me and I flat call, again I doubt this is the best move but maybe AK has just missed. Turn is a 2, fear took over and I check. IM AFRAID OF A5!? Stupid. He checks and river is irrelevant. I bet half the pot and he calls with QQ. I really should have won more. Comments would be appreciated. I'm back up to about 5k after level 1, 2 and 3.

I decide its time to come out of my shell, rock image has been established and its time for some steals. I pick up my favourite hand in the BB with a few limpers with blinds at 75/150. Raisey-raisey. One caller in late pos. My 97c completely misses with two overs on the board and a flush draw. I bet the 3/4 pot and he calls. Turn pairs my 7 with still a possible 4 flush. I 3/4 pot it again and take it down, happy days!

2 hands later I limp with JTs on the button SB completes and BB lets us see a flop. It hit top two pair with 2 clubs on the board. Check around and the dealer almost deals the turn without me checking! I bet 800, just under pot size. Funnily enough the dealer calls. He checks into me. I have to put him on a flush draw with his eagerness to see the turn. He has only 1k left though. I bet 1k and he folds after thinking for a bit. I couldnt have bet less I dont think.

A few limped hands, missed flops brings me down a bit. I raised with KQh UTG+1, called by BB and an AQx flops. I bet out on the flop and the turn, I'm raised on the turn and am shown two pair, A8.

My BB I raise with 72h and take it down after 1 limper on the button. I limp with KJo on the button 2 hands later, the flop comes all clubs and i have Kc, I 3/4pot it take it unconteseted. I get KJo again next hand and limp. Catch top 2 pair and take it uncontested. So thats 3 without showing...

An orbit or two later I get AQc UTG and raise 3xBB (450), get a caller in MP who joined the table a few orbits ago. Flop comes 33J (cant remember suits) and I make 900 to go. MP makes it 2700 to go (he has me covered). I almost folded instantly but stopped myself. I counted my chips a few times but i kept losing count cus of the pounding headache. I thought i had about 2k left,so this is all in or nothing. I think this was a gamble. He'd seen me take down a few pots with aggression and position, so was he restealing? I thought worst case scenario he has AJ but thought his raise was a bit much for that hand and dismissed it as "unlikely"(never say never..). Could he have a medium pair? A very good chance he's holding this, in fact I think he has this a large % of the time. I didnt dwell on that for too long cuz i really felt he was stealing(maybe fitting his hand to suit mine). I went all-in thinking i had the best hand, I had actually raised him another 1.6k. He folded saying he had AT and I showed.

A good while later I got moved to another table and witness a ridiculous hand. Blinds are 500/1000 and I'm kinda short on 13k. UTG+1 goes allin for 5k or so, MP flat calls, I fold AJo fairly easily. The SB(bigstack about 25k) pushes and MP who has him just about covered calls. Shortie has AJc, MP has KK(surprise surprise) and SB has QQ. Is it just me or is the SB's all-in retarded? I supose I just got to the table and dont know the players but id fold that. He hits a Q on the flop just to lose to a K-high flush THANK GOD. He goes mental for a while before leaving the table. wp!

Almost straight away im moved to my old table. On my BB UTG+1 (fairly solid) raises to 3k, CO and SB call. Getting 7-1 odds I make a retarded decision and fold when any two should have warranted a call. Flop comes K75r, UTG bet 8k and shows a K. My K5s would have been good i think.

I find AQs in the BB. UTG(new player) raises and shortie goes all-in for a bit more. I asked UTG how much he had, I was going to call because I thought he had as much as the shortie but turns out he was almost chip leader! Dwelled on this for a bit longer than was needed. Fold. UTG had AK and shortie... JJ i think.

I'm shortstacked. Raising from any position now and then since its on the bubble. 2.5xBB is enough it seems. I picked up QQ and AA upmongst my random raising but dont get paid. Finally I raise C Kid's BB with ahem 64d in MP, I make it 3.5k. He just got to the table which i didnt notice. He calls, flop comes Q85 and he checks and i push for around 12k. I'm busted out after his herioc call with bottom pair.

21st/20th out of 102 runners. I'm happy enough considering the state I was in. Still, 3 off the money. Look foward to the next one.

And so it begins...

I've always been meaning to start one of these. Not just to track poker but my life in general... but mainly for poker. I picked a good time to start. A month ago I had over 2 grand in poker winnings, now I just have a measly 25 euro. Maybe I should have started this before losing all that money! I do have a couple of things to show for the money though so it dosent bother me too much. The last tournement I played in was the "Inaugural Irish Student Poker Masters - 22nd April" and probably the best tournement I ever played in for a mear 50 euro. I'm half way through the report, its a bit long!